ALTRA 50: Banaue Mountain Ultramarathon
50 Km/ 28 Km/ 10 Km
May 7, 2023
Banaue Hotel, Banaue, Ifugao

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From the successful inaugural ultra-trail running event of ALTRA100 Philippines last April 29-30, 2017, now comes a bigger event of 2023. The ALTRA100 Philippines is now a series as we launched ALTRA50: Banaue Mountain Ultra last May 7, 2023.

Very proud that we established our version in the highlands of Ifugao, at the seat of the 2,000 years old Banaue Rice Terraces, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1995, it is commonly referred to by Filipinos as the “Eight Wonder of the World”.

Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel as our Official event residence, ALTRA50: Banaue Mountain Ultramarathon is a promising race to look forward to.

Scheduled in the middle of summer, the beginning of planting season, when the terrace fields are bursting with green and the weather is fairly predictable. The course featured breathtaking sceneries, ancient rice paddies, forest trails, and steep mountains that captivated and challenged outdoor sports enthusiasts.

With Banaue being one of the prime destinations in the Philippines, the event was a great avenue also to promote tourism. Some of the great tourist spots were featured and part of the race course.

The event was well attended by runners and guests, from the average and beginner’s type local runners, coming from all over the Philippines and abroad catered via the ALTRA SHOE domain up to the elite and experienced.

We started by welcoming all participants with a cultural dance showcasing the rich, preserved traditions of Ifugao during the race briefing. Runners had the opportunity to witness and experience themselves dancing the Ifugao way.

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Then all took a rest while waiting for the race to start. 50Km Ultramarathon at 0200H (2AM, Sunday, May 7)

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While the 28 Km and 10 Km runners took off at 0530H (05:30 AM, Sunday, May 7).

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We had fine weather, the skies are clear, and everyone enjoyed the magnificent views from the priceless contribution of Ifugao to humanity – The Banaue Rice Terraces. Including the two (2) officially listed in World Heritage in Batad and Bangaan.

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Awarding Ceremony follows immediately after we concluded all the podiums finishers.
50 Km Podium Finisher:
Champion: Dr. Roman Cumahling, 08:46:16 – Altra Red Team
1st Runner-up: Ronnel Valero, 08:56:47 – Altra Red Team
2nd Runner-up: Jacob Madalang, 09:44:29
Champion: Jewel Mae De Luna, 11:03:37
1st Runner-up: Prudence Dunuan, 13:00:02 – Team Tawid
2nd Runner-up: Sylvia Aguilar, 13:15:19
28 Km Podium Finisher:
Champion: Godfrey Farnican, 03:39:49 – Team Tawid
1st Runner-up: Crosby Quilimo, 03:59:02
2nd runner-up: Neil John Lacerdo, 04:12:18
Champion: Elmimie Damuggo, 05:45:11 – Ifugao Haggiyo Trail Runners
1st Runner-up: Janneth Molano, 05:47:11
2nd Runner-up: Judith Andres, 06:11:38
10 Km Podium Finisher:
Champion: Jonathan Ballogan, 01:24:26 – Ifugao Haggiyo Trail Runners
1st Runner-up: Crispin Faryangan, 01:35:33
2nd Runner-up: Keifer Thomas Kalangeg, 01:38:47
Champion: Rodela Aros, 01:54:09 – Antique Trail Runners
1st Runner-up: Gerlyn Bauyan, 02:49:24
2nd Runner-up: Anne Nirelle Balderama, 03:02:15

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